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Brand: Radenso

The Radenso RC M Radar Detector is a quality made product that is the beacon of incredible performance – but then again you wouldn’t expect any less from the super high-performance brand Radenso.

This quality-made radar detector offers the highest level of customisation available in any radar detector today.

The Radenso RC M Radar Detector sets itself apart with specific AUNZ software, catering to the unique demands of New Zealand roads. It boasts one of the best fixed camera databases available, providing comprehensive coverage. Radenso's team of engineers and software developers have invested significant time and effort to ensure the New Zealand version delivers precise results. Company representatives have even ventured to New Zealand to test and trial the product in local conditions.

Key Features

Two Formats, One Exceptional Performance:  The RC M is available in two formats: the RC M and the RC M Pro. The Pro Version adds a Rear Radar Antenna Module to the package, extending your radar range to the rear and enabling identification of the radar signal's direction. Both versions feature the latest HDM+ High-Performance Antenna System. The RC includes a beautifully designed High-Resolution Display Control Module, complete with Speed-Controlled Radar Muting. With the optional rear antenna, you'll also have an Arrow Direction Display indicating the source of the radar. Multiple display options are at your fingertips, from bar graphs to speed and compass readings.

Total Radar Coverage: The RC M provides full coverage of the NZ radar bands, including a specific K NZ Narrow setting designed for the Redflex Cameras. It comes preloaded with the latest fixed pole and red light camera sites. Drive with confidence, knowing that your detector remains secure and ever-vigilant, ensuring your peace of mind.

Detection Arrows: Directional arrows provide a clear understanding of the radar source's location.

Removable Magnetic OLED Display: Easily remove the display for your convenience.

All-in-One Display: Receive all radar and laser alerts on a single, comprehensive display.

Waterproof Antenna: The detector features a waterproof antenna, built for durability.

Lockouts: Automatically mute stationary false alerts with GPS lockouts.

Low Speed GPS Auto-Muting: The detector automatically mutes based on your speed for a more pleasant driving experience.

Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) False Alert Filtering: Avoid unnecessary alerts with false alert filtering.

Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR): TSR false filter for traffic sensors reduces unwanted alerts.

Voice Alerts: Enjoy a wide array of voice alerts with 260 different messages.

Lifetime Updates: Keep your detector up to date with free lifetime updates for both firmware and the camera database.

Stealth to Radar Detector Detectors: Remain undetected by radar detector detectors, such as VG2 and Spectre Elite, within a range of 10+ feet.

User-Friendly Display Modes: Choose from various display modes, including Bright, Dim, Smart Dark (displays a small dot until an alert), and Dark (display remains off until an alert).

2-Year Manufacturer Warranty: Rest easy with a generous 2-year manufacturer warranty.


Elevate your road safety and driving experience with the Radenso RC M Radar Detector. It's the ultimate radar detector, providing top-notch performance, comprehensive radar coverage, and advanced features to keep you protected and informed. Enjoy your driving experience.


What's in the box

  • 1x – Radenso RC M CPU
  • 1x – Radenso RC M Concealed Display and control module
  • 1x – Radenso RC M GPS Antenna (10 foot waterproof cable)
  • 1x – Radenso RC M Radar Antenna (6 foot waterproof antenna)
  • 1x – Radenso RC M power cable
  • 1x – Mounting bracket with stainless hardware
  • 1x – Radenso RC M External Speaker (not required to be used)
  • 1x – Magnetic L bracket for display mounting (optional)
  • 1x – Micro USB cable
  • 1x – USB extension cable
  • 1x – USB thumb drive


  • Ka Narrow: 33.80, 34.7, 35.5 GHz (+/- 120 MHz)
  • Ka Wide: 33.4 GHz – 36.0 GHz
  • K Narrow: 24.1 GHz (+/- 70 MHz)
  • K NZ Narrow: 23.950 GHz – 24.130 GHz
  • K Wide: 24.1 GHz (+/- 150 MHz)
  • X Band: 10.525 GHz (+/- 50 MHz)
  • Laser: 904mm


  • Superheterodyne
  • Invisible to Spectre and VG2 Radar Detector Detector
  • Best-in-class false alert filtering
  • Traffic Sensor filter
  • Blind Spot Monitor Filtering


  • Ultra-fast connection
  • AutoCity Mode
  • Automatic Speed Based Muting
  • GPS Lockouts


  • Directional Arrows (with Optional RC M Rear Antenna)
  • Magnetically removable display for stealth install
  • OLED
  • Bar Graph
  • Frequency Display
  • Multiple brightness levels
  • SmartDark and Full Dark Display


  • 12VDC, Negative Ground


  • Highway, Auto and Auto City

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