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Sena 10s Intercom Headset

Sena 10S Keeps you in the loop Bluetooth 4.1 and Universal Intercom™ The Sena 10S Motorcycle Bluetooth® Communication System is an upgraded version of the original SMH10 system, which has proven itself roadworthy to motorcyclists everywhere. Now in a slimmer profile, the 10S maximizes the enjoyment factor of your ride by keeping you in touch with up to four riding companions...

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Sena 20s Intercom Headset

THE 20S EVO GETS NEW HD SPEAKERS The 20S EVO was designed with a fixed type, shark fin antenna as opposed to the flip up antenna of the original 20S. This sleek antenna design improved group Bluetooth intercom stability and distance, while updates to the hardware allow for a more robust general performance. In addition to its original updated design, the latest upgrade for the 20S EVO are...

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Sena 50R Intercom

The 50R packs Sena’s advanced Mesh technology and premium SOUND BY Harman Kardon into a low-profile, sleek yet rugged design. Tested and proven by over 100 competitors and staff across the wilds of New Zealand during the Int. GS Trophy 2020, the 50R continues Sena’s long tradition of Advancing Adventure. With its powerful audio capability, rugged durability, and next-level...

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Sena 50s Intercom Headset

PREMIUM COMMUNICATION MEETS WORLD-CLASS AUDIO The 50S offers an all-new experience of Riding Connected, now with SOUND BY Harman Kardon. The 50S features Sena’s Mesh Intercom™ which brings significant advancements to motorcycle communication. With an exceptional communication network and finely-tuned speakers and microphone, the 50S continues the goal of keeping riders connected on...

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Sena 5s Bluetooth Intercom

STAY CONNECTED AND ENJOY THE RIDE WITH THE SENA 5S Born from the legendary Sena SMH5, the Sena 5S is the next-generation of feature-rich and value-packed intercoms from Sena. With this easy to use and accessible unit, you get High Definition in-helmet speakers, High Definition two-way intercom, and integrated LCD screen; all the features you need at an amazing value. The 5S with Bluetooth®...

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