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Starcom1 Digital Solo Rider Kit A

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Starcom1 Digital Solo Rider Kit A

StarCom1 Digital provides the ultimate in performance and control. Aimed at the more technical user who demands the very best in bike communication.

The microprocessor control system provides:

• Digitally controlled noise reduction - fully automatic
• Digitally controlled volume - fully automatic
• Digitally controlled mic sensitivity - fully automatic with programmable levels
• Digitally controlled mute control - programmable level and mute time
• Mobile phone. Enjoy a normal phone conversation at speed.. Totally hands free
• Satellite Navigation or radar, allows voice commands to be heard clearly

The unique digital control system allows:
• Fully automatic operation; take it out of the box and just use - no controls no adjustments
• User configuration/programmability of virtually every parameter - customise to your exact requirements.
• Intelligent noise reduction. The microprocessor control system provides:

What is StarCom1? StarCom1 is a universal motorcycle communication system that can combine...

• Rider to passenger hands free and natural conversation.. Just talk!
• Bike-to-bike communication, vox (voice controlled) or PTT (push-to-talk)
• Stereo music, at CD quality, from any portable music system.
• Mobile phone. Enjoy a normal phone conversation at speed.. Totally hands free
• Satellite Navigation or radar, allows voice commands to be heard clearly
• High speed clear communication.

(Sole Rider) includes: 1xStarCom1 Digital + 1xHelmet, Music lead(MUS-01), Fitting kit (SFK-01 inc DC lead) Inputs for Rider & Pillion, Helmet kits, Bike-Bike Radio, phone, stereo (walkman/car radio) Auto Volume, Vox system, Volume and Balance control. All Helmet kits include extension leads (HSEX-01) and fittings and weather proof storage caps.

• Rider headset
• Passenger headset
• Rider music input
• Passenger music input
• Rider phone input
• Passenger phone input
• Remote control
• Satellite Navigation
• Bike-to-bike radio

Standard on all systems:
• Active Noise Reduction
• Intelligent Source Selection
• Helmet plug On/Off
• Auto Volume Level Adjust
• Full Duplex Intercom

Crystal clear at 100mph+ You can't buy better, guaranteed !

StarCom1 features advanced electronic design and the quality of design is comprehensive, the case is a strong, durable aluminium extrusion, the circuit boards are comformally coated (water-proof), the connectors are rubber, lightweight, water-proof and safety quick release. The reliability is backed up with our comprehensive warranty. The quality is there to see, feel and hear.

• Unrivalled build quality; A strong extruded aluminium case, weatherproof connectors and electronics
• Unrivalled performance quality; Voice clarity and music quality at speed, has been proven to be second to none.
• Unrivalled ease of use; To converse with your passenger 'just talk' no buttons to press or voice system to trigger, just talk normally, both at the same time.
• Unrivalled range of accessories; Our ever growing range of accessories ensure your system fits you and your bike perfectly, you can add new devices e.g. sat nav, ipod etc etc...
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