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Starcom1 Advance Solo & Pillion Rider Kit B

Price: $440.00 incl GST All prices in New Zealand dollars - Click here for exchange rates

Less than half the size of StarCom1, the design brief was make it better, smaller and add every feature and control StarCom1 users have ever asked for.,

The result is a bike system that has no compromise and no competition.

What is StarCom1? StarCom1 is a universal motorcycle communication system that can combine...

• Rider to passenger hands free and natural conversation.. Just talk!
• Bike-to-bike communication, vox (voice controlled) or PTT (push-to-talk)
• Stereo music, at CD quality, from any portable music system.
• Mobile phone. Enjoy a normal phone conversation at speed.. Totally hands free
• Satellite Navigation or radar, allows voice commands to be heard clearly?
• High speed clear communication.

StarCom1 Advance provides more control, a smaller unit and a sat nav input. The system is a 'advanced' version of StarCom1 and every part of the design has been revisited it has an extra level of noise reduction filtering, the mic circuits are active and the audio quality has been refined.

StarCom1 Advance has a dedicated navigation input, user balance control, user selectable sidetones, automatic volume, vox and mic sensitivity, advanced audio quality and advanced microphone noise reduction systems.

The advanced design incorporates AMS (automatic microphone sensitivity) a system that turns the microphone volume up when you talk and down when you're quiet, and the levels are automatically adjusted to suit the road speed and noise level.

• Rider headset
• Passenger headset
• Stereo music input
• Phone input
• Remote control
• Satellite Navigation
• Bike-to-bike radio

Rider & pillion: this includes all that's required for a Rider & pillion system:
StarCom1 Universal communication system, Music lead(MUS-01), Fitting kit (SFK-01 inc DC lead) Inputs for Rider & Pillion, 2 x Helmet kits, Bike-Bike Radio, phone, stereo (walkman/car radio) Auto Volume, Vox system, Volume and Balance control. All Helmet kits include extension leads (HSEX-01) and fittings and weather proof storage caps.

Standard on all systems:
• Active Noise Reduction
• Intelligent Source Selection
• Helmet plug On/Off
• Auto Volume Level Adjust
• Full Duplex Intercom

Crystal clear at 100mph+ You can't buy better, guaranteed !

StarCom1 features advanced electronic design and the quality of design is comprehensive, the case is a strong, durable aluminium extrusion, the circuit boards are comformally coated (water-proof), the connectors are rubber, lightweight, water-proof and safety quick release. The reliability is backed up with our comprehensive warranty. The quality is there to see, feel and hear.

• Unrivalled build quality; A strong extruded aluminium case, weatherproof connectors and electronics
• Unrivalled performance quality; Voice clarity and music quality at speed, has been proven to be second to none.
• Unrivalled ease of use; To converse with your passenger 'just talk' no buttons to press or voice system to trigger, just talk normally, both at the same time.
• Unrivalled range of accessories; Our ever growing range of accessories ensure your system fits you and your bike perfectly, you can add new devices e.g. sat nav, ipod etc etc...
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