About Ingear

Don't just drive... Drive Smarter

Ingear is a Christchurch based company specialising in automotive accessories and consumer products. Products include, Radar Detectors, Park Assist Systems, Alcohol Breathalysers, Intercoms, Car Care, Plastic Cleaners and a range of Chrysler Restoration, Preservation Products.

History. Having worked for some of Christchurch’s leading New Car Dealerships and Performance shops in Christchurch, Ingear was always going to have a strong automotive element about it.

Passion. We really do like cars! Fast cars, European cars, Muscle cars, Race-cars, Classic cars! The passion for cars has always been there….

Our customers have some of the best vehicles, Harley Davidson, Ducati, Ferrari, Audi, Chrysler... we get them all. Luckily we work with many New Car Dealerships, so we get to test-drive a few to!

We're passionate about cars and automotive accessories Culture. Don’t just Drive... Drive Smarter

With an ever-changing automotive market we seek out new technologies to suit the needs of all drivers and vehicle enthusiasts. It is about improving your driving experience.

Future. We are quite lucky, our customers are like us, they enjoy their car/bike/boat etc just like we enjoy our own toy’s. So providing them products to assist them is just good fun, so as long as the fun factor continues Ingear will be there.
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