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Reproduction 3-Spoke Steering Wheel

Price: $749.00 incl GST All prices in New Zealand dollars - Click here for exchange rates

New Reproduction 3-Spoke Steering wheel with horn button and ring.

This highly sought after item pushed the prices of good used and particularly NOS examples through the roof and falling into the “Unobtanium” category for all but the most well-heeled of enthusiasts.

Now for the first time ever, after nearly 7 years of back and forth prototypes, fine-tuning, 3 NOS sacrificial “guinea pigs”, a few false starts and considerable financial investment, the folks at ELKO Performance have now received delivery and have a available a concourse reproduction 3 Spoke Steering wheel package, making it a bolt on fit for everyone who has a VF and later “can-style” steering column in their pride and joy.

Fully ADR tested and compliant, it comprises of the wheel with correct brushed aluminum spokes, textured grain grip, horn button with Allen key screws and aluminum horn ring. This is an absolutely bang-on reproduction and will satisfy the most discerning eye (and hands).
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