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LifeGuard Breathalyser

Price: $460.00 incl GST All prices in New Zealand dollars - Click here for exchange rates

re you someone who enjoys a few drinks, but hates to drive afterwards not knowing whether or not you’re safe – both as a responsible driver and also from the police?

This easy to use hand held breathalyser makes you a totally responsible driver by giving you the accuracy of a police breathalyser.

Certified to the Australian Standard the LifeGuard is a breathalyser you can rely on. It has a long working life and is globally recognized for its high performance and high presicion.

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase and after sales service.

■ Uses the same fuel cell sensor technology as used in Police grade breathalysers.
■ Reads in increments of 10µg/L
■ Permanent flip up mouthpiece so you can always take a test.
■ Provides graphs of the last three test results
■ Fast warm-up, test and recovery times
■ 1 year warranty
■ Made in USA
■ Serviced and calibrated in NZ
■ Easy to understand user prompts
■ Precise 3 digit readout
■ Breath flow graph which graphs your breath volume as you blow
■ Consistently accurate across an alcohol concentration range from 0.00µg/L to 2000µg/L
■ Calibration reminder that automatically comes up after 12 months.

Recalibration is recommended every 12 months.
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