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BTM-02 Bluetooth module

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The Starcom1 bluetooth module is designed to allow cordless and automatic operation of bluetooth compatible mobile phones with the StarCom1 unit.

Bluetooth Class 2 product with compliance to specification v11.1 and full FCC and CE certification.

Unit Installation

The unit must be operated from a switched vehicle 12V DC supply. The unit is water-resistant but not waterproof so care must be taken to keep it dry. Care must be taken not to mount the unit near areas which will get hot, for example, near the engine or exhaust. Also the unit must not be placed close to the ignition system; HT leads coil, alternator, or parts of the bike that could cause electrical interference.
Power Cable Installation

The unit requires a 12V vehicle supply it has a built-in voltage regulator, reverse input protection and fuse, so that it is safe to use directly from a vehicle’s switched supply. A power cable is supplied along with an in-line fuse and fitting kit.
The 12V supply must be ignition switched, so that the BTM-01 supply is off when the vehicle ignition if OFF else the vehicle battery may be drained.
The Jack plug cable must be plugged into the phone socket on Starcom, this provides the 0V connection.
1) If the StarCom 12V supply is ignition switched supply then the BTM-01 12V connection can be made by splicing into the starcom power cable.
2) If the StarCom is connected to the battery directly then the BTM-01module must be connected to a switched supply.

Pairing Headset

You are required to pair the BTM-01 with your mobile phone or other devices before using it.
Step 1: The BTM01 must be connected to StarCom and powered ON before initiating pairing. To initiate
pairing, press and hold pairing button for 5 seconds until the red indicator of BTM-01 is slowly flashing.
Step 2: Initiate pairing process of your mobile phone. Refer to the manual of mobile phone for details of the process. You will see a new item "StarCom1" added in your Bluetooth device list after the searching process completes.
Step 3: You will be asked to enter pin-code to complete pairing, enter 0000 and confirm it. (Note: The 0000 is default pin-code pre-stored in BTM-01.) The red indicator will turn off after pairing completed successfully.

1. If the BTM-01 is not in pairing mode, your mobile phone won't find the BTM-01.
2. You may need to repeat steps 1 to 3 until pairing succeeds.
3. Pairing is a process of associating Bluetooth devices with each other. It will establish a permanent security link between the devices and enable quick access to the services provided without the need to enter passkeys.
4. Paired devices remain paired even when:
- One of the devices is not powered on.
- A service connection is interrupted or the service stopped. - One or both devices are rebooted.
Fitting Kit

5x short tie wraps 1x scotch lock splice 1x loop Velcro 1x hoop Velcro
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