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Car Glass Polish - 325ml

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Even a clean and polished vehicle does not really sparkle until you clean the windows. Traditionally one of the least favoured valeting tasks, windscreens and windows are easy to clean with Autoglym Car Glass Polish.

It contains specialist cleaning and polishing elements which quickly and easily remove all common contaminants, leaving a crystal clear, smear free finish. Use inside and out.

Many domestic glass cleaners contain wax and silicone for cosmetic effect but may cause dangerous smearing in wet weather if used on your windscreen.

Handy Tips
To avoid smearing dirt from one section to another, use a clean area of cotton cloth as you move to different sections of glass.Remember to lower the windows to clean the edges. As a final task, use on wiper blade edges and smooth window surrounds to remove accumulated grime.Always clean the windscreen after shampooing your car to neutralise shampoo paint glossing agent.

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